Found More Great Music Online Yesterday

We all live our lives through music or we wouldn’t be human. When I talk to people about their childhood and teen years, they inevitably mention their favorite songs. They come up fast. They are etched in their brains along with memories of family, school, special events and milestones. I, too, remember when I was young how I would listen for hours on end so that I committed dozens of songs to memory. These you never forget. When I hear one of them today by accident or intention, I get a pang of nostalgia throughout my body. I am sure you know the feeling; it is part of our youth.

Well, nothing much has changed. As an adult, I still listen to music for hours on end. Instead of doing it under the bedcovers, I am at my desk in front of my laptop. A good day doesn’t go by when I don’t find some great stuff online. With the Internet, the music world is your oyster. I am afraid of missing something so at least a few hours every day are devoted to “research.” It’s a wonderful life! I am the envy of friends who don’t have this kind of time. They look forward to my recommendations so they can get a dose of my favorites after work or on weekends. I expect the same from them.

The other day, I was sitting upright in my chair awash in music. I was almost hypnotized. The problem was that later in the evening, I had a very stiff neck. In fact, my shoulders were super tight and felt achy. I had never gotten to this critical stage before without stopping and taking a break. It is said that you should get up and move about every hour that you are sedentary. Otherwise you won’t live as long. Horrors! I didn’t obey the rule that day, so I paid the price. I usually walk to the kitchen or go outside for a while if it is a nice day. I have also been known to lie down or stretch on the floor. I learned my lesson.

But I had a remedy. Let me tell you about the wonders of a handheld back massager. I was given the gadget as a gift and didn’t fully realize its value until now, even though my friend sent me this link when she bought it for me: You can quickly relieve tension and stress or undo the ravages of sitting too long. You hold it in one hand and apply it to the tight spot, and voila! The ache is gone. It is a veritable miracle.

While I still believe you have to get up periodically and perform some kind of physical exercise, the massager takes care of any residual effects of your long-term posture. This was a surprise to me and a welcome one. Every computer user knows the consequence of hunched shoulders and a bent back. I say, learn to sit up straight and enjoy the music!