I Know Where I’m Going From Now on

Hello, music fans. Welcome to my blog. It will involve my love of music of all times from anywhere in the world of any genre. New artists are always welcome in my collection—the more innovative, the better. I even collect vinyl records from the olden days of yore, what I call the mid twentieth century. Now digital recordings are the exclusive denizens of the mainstream—mostly downloaded from the Internet. You can still keep physical albums apart from your digital library on your laptop or cell phone. This is known to music lovers worldwide, but I want to assert where I stand in terms of what I value—the old and the new. How about you?

I am fortunate to be able to listen to any music I like at work, even though I am not alone. My co-workers count on me to make the sound system selections of the day. No one else dares to question my content. There is so much variety that everyone looks forward to a new discovery. Boredom is never a word used to describe our background music. It energizes us and puts us in a good mood. If you are tired or down, try some uplifting song; it will work wonders. The odd thing about my office is that the music is piped into all the bathrooms, like it is in an elevator. This way, I don’t miss one word of a song or one note of an instrumental composition.

Taking a restroom break is a necessity of life so why not make it more pleasant. When the staff bathroom was in repair, I had to use the manager’s private one. I was surprised at the luxury. The faucets were gorgeous! Why spend the money, I asked. He replied that state-of-the-art design is not that expensive. A fabulous sleek and shiny Brizo faucet runs about $400. I knew they were more, because I’d been reading about them at https://www.kitchenfaucetdepot.net/brizo-faucet-brand-review/. I gave him a strong look and he knew what it meant. Why not put one in the employee bathroom? Meanwhile, I knew just where to go from now on. After the staff restroom was in good order, the manager hoped that we would all go back to business in our own private sphere. I wasn’t in a hurry.

To get us to return to normal, I expected to see a new Brizo within a week, but no, not yet. It took a few reminders before it finally appears. I had shamed the manger into this replacement. I looked up the price online and the model chosen ran $700. Wow, this was a splurge. He had to resort to the big books to lure us into resuming our old habits. It was okay with me. I appreciated the gesture and the assumption that we are all equals. Who knew that this attitude would manifest itself in a brand-new, elegant and expensive Brizo faucet.