Jumpin’ to the Music

I love being regarded as the music guru in my inner circle of friends. I don’t brag about my extensive collection; I just share it and everyone now knows what I am about. I am a music fanatic, like many people I know, and my eclectic taste has taken me far in terms of experience and knowledge. I can see why people count on me for advice and recommendations. No wonder when a party is afoot, I am asked to supply the music. I am most happy to oblige. I will tailor it perfecting to the event and guest list.

When I found out the party was to take place at an indoor trampoline place, I had to switch gears. Nothing low key. No one has to a converse and be heard above the music. I envisioned rows of these in-ground jumping devices filled with gleeful people having a lot of fun. A trampoline will jostle any depression or stress right out of you. It is a great idea for a gathering. I will be participating myself. Music is piped in and I can bring my laptop and hook it up. I will sort it all out beforehand and become the DJ of the day with ease. I am not used to being a party music planner, but why not. I know what I like and what other people appreciate. It will be lively and buoyant, just like the trampolines. I see everyone “jumpin’ to the music!”

It went off beautifully as I had expected. It was almost a no-brainer. There is so much music, instrumental and vocal, that applies. It was hard to narrow down the choices. I wanted something contemporary with a smattering of oldies. No one wants to go to a party and hear what they could get on their cell phone or laptop. A good time is full of surprises. I wanted to provide a listening adventure while everyone jumped about. And, yes, it was totally successful and everyone commented on how much fun. “The music made it,” said one smiling face. “Perfect pairing of song and mood,” said another. They all thanked me for coming and performing my job so well. I left the venue beaming with pride and then looking for ways that I could recreate the experience for a house party later, when I discovered this web page: https://www.trampolinechoice.com/ground-trampoline-solutions/.

Meanwhile I am back to my usual routine of exploring the Internet looking for new stuff to archive. I am a kind of one-man grassroots music historian. I keep notes on all the various eras and key contributors. Someday I could write a book. It will be digital with embedded videos of famous performances and excerpts from the best songs of all times. I will do it in volumes according to era. I know this has been done for certain decades, but I will give it my own unique twist. It won’t be all the obvious selections. People will discover what they never knew existed.