The Ultimate Garage for Garage Bands

I started this blog to talk about music of all kinds and my interest in grassroots archiving—hence the name you see. If you are wondering what this is, it is no different than any other usage of the term in politics, for example. The grass roots culture also refers to social media resources that help the common folk (your average Joe so to speak) promote their own views and experiences on line.  I am a one-man-band with my own agenda that I have created from scratch with no help from the so-called “elitist systems” that distribute music. There is no judgment here. It is me, a purveyor of pop culture, doing his own thing by collecting his favorite music. I do it my own way by downloading and borrowing. No need to get formal about it.

All this blather aside, I am a self-styled music fan who goes for the great and innovative. It’s all exciting to me in any form whether on classic vinyl or digital platforms. Music stretches across time and is constantly changing shape. As long as something is fun to listen to, whatever the genre (pop, classical, rock or country and everything else in between), I am rapt. If I revealed my inventory, you would be amazed at the variety. It is all archived for me and others to enjoy.

Obviously, given my interests, sound quality is of utmost importance. I long to build a studio with every technological advantage but homey enough for “garage bands.” Guess where it is going to be? The garage! This is where I have excess space since no car is ever parked in it. I even posted about it on Facebook to get my friends interested. The floor is still pristine without a trace of oil in sight. It is totally open and airy. I have already designated a spot for the top-tier recording equipment. The walls will be padded and a cooling fan placed in the ceiling. The only problem with the last item is that the ceiling is a bit lower than normal. I hope it doesn’t matter. I suppose you can install a fan in most any space, provided you make the right Ceiling Fan Choice. I assume that I will be able to find an adjustable mounting system so the fan can sit very close to the connection with no extension rod. It would then be free and clear of human traffic and no one fear bumping their head.

I need the ceiling fan to keep the bands cool so they will not complain. (Did I mention that I will have a mini fridge loaded with icy beet?) The fan is far more economical than putting in central air. The alternative is a window unit, but then I would have to put in a window. Ha! The ceiling fan is the less complicated and most cost-effective way to go. They are inexpensive, highly function and super quiet these days. It won’t interfere with the recording session at all. It is going to be the ultimate private recording studio in town!